Admit it, you are getting a bit fed up with WhatsApp. The privacy and security of your messages is questionable, and it just doesn’t feel right. As part of Facebook, WhatsApp does not have a great history. Looking for a safe and trustworthy alternative? Look no further than Ariya free calling app. As a European company, we make your privacy our priority.

Need more reasons to choose Ariya?

Although Ariya Mobile’s primary aim is to provide affordable worldwide calls, you can also use our app to send and receive messages securely. Unlike WhatsApp, we won’t ask you to agree to terms and conditions that put your privacy and data at risk. We’d love to get to know our customers better, but in a correct way and solely to improve our service. We use advanced technology and high-end encryption. With Ariya, you can rest assured that your messages and calls are in safe hands.

Easy to install

The Ariya Mobile free call app is easy to install on both iOS and Android. The main purpose of the free call app is to help you make cheap phone calls, but it is also perfect for secure messaging. It doesn’t end there, though—you will quickly discover that the Ariya Mobile free call app has a lot more to offer. You can play games, earn credits and much more. With all that and cheap phone calls, why not try it? Charging your account is as easy as it gets, and our app will become an integral part of your life before you know it. If you want to communicate more securely than with WhatsApp, or you just want something different from everything else, Ariya free international call is for you.

Try Ariya

Download the free calls online app today and get started with Ariya. Invite your friends, earn credits and start using our app for free. We bring the world and your friends a little closer. Ariya is the perfect alternative to WhatsApp. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.