Calling abroad has never been so cheap and easy

With the Ariya callback app you not only call super cheaply, the app is also easy to install and use. International calling in no time and without having to spend a fortune. Count on Ariya!

Why do you choose Ariya?

Attractive woman sitting outdoors and talking on cellphone

Clear connection

Ariya guarantees a quality and crystal clear connection. International calling in comfort. You won’t have to miss a single important word or get frustrated about a bad connection!

Super affordable

Now, get in touch with your family and friends on the other side of the world doesn’t have to be expensive at all cause of Ariya the free calling app. Enjoy our amazing & reasonable & cheap rates

Easy to use

Install the Ariya free call app and you’re ready to make free calls all over the world. We don’t make it any harder. Run out of calling credit? With a click of a button, you top up your calling credit in the Ariya app. By the way, the person you’re calling doesn’t have to download or install anything at all. More faster & easier

Number encryption

Want to make anonymous calls? That is perfectly possible with Ariya the free calling platform. You choose the number displayed and enjoy secured and comfortable communication. 

How does Ariya work?

Step 1 l Install the app on your smartphone

Download de Ariya app voor iOS of Android.

Step 2 l Top up your call credit in the app

You determine the amount you want to top up and can start using it immediately and at the cheapest calling rates.

Step 3 l Start calling immediately

Right, we don’t make it any harder. Of course, it is also possible to send text messages.

What else can our app do?

What exactly is Callback?

Well, our system is super simple. You dial your number, hang up and seconds later you are automatically called on your mobile number and an international connection is established. Simple and cheap. Moreover, unlike many colleagues, with Ariya you call over the mobile network and not over 4G or wifi. So you can be sure of the perfect connection. 

The technology behind the Ariya app?

Sophisticated yet simple. The app actually calls back to your cell phone, keeping costs down. This also means that you only pay for calls made. You call your contact, the app calls you back and the connection is established. This way you make inexpensive calls without roaming charges. You recharge your credit yourself in the app.

What else will you find in the app?

In our app, you can discover all international rates, play games, synchronize your contacts and sit through a lot of other fun stuff with the click of a button! And the best part? We keep developing our app so there are lots of new ones coming.

Play games in the app

There are a lot of fun games in the app. They guarantee hours of fun and you can win very nice prizes and call credit. Play the games, have fun and time will fly by while waiting, on public transport or wherever you are.

Discover our super cheap international calling rates here

Cheap international calling? Ariya! Discover our low-cost international packages here and call inexpensively to any country and that worldwide.  

DestinationsLandline CostMobile Cost
No data found

No connection fee for national calls
No call setup fee for international calls

Our top bundles

United States

4.32 USD

  • 120 Minuten
  • 30 Dagen


4.89 USD

  • 60 Minuten
  • 30 Dagen


4.89 USD

  • 60 Minuten
  • 30 Dagen


17.96 USD

  • 60 Minuten
  • 30 Dagen
A Captivating User Experience

Do you also want cheap international calling?

Want to make cheap international calls, too? Download our app, available for iOS and Android. Plus, you see in advance what the call will cost you, and even while you’re calling, you know exactly how much you’re spending. With no snags or additional charges! 

International calling has never been so cheap and easy. 

Bring-a-friend and earn free calling credit

Earn call credit yourself? Bring a friend and score yourself free call credit!

By the way, did you know that you can also charge your friends’ calling credit if they don’t have a credit card or PayPal. Handy!

The first recharge should always be done by bancontact.

Call for free from Ariya to Ariya

Did you know that Ariya customers call each other for free and worldwide? Fantastic right? Moreover, you can super easily recharge the credit of your friends and family.

The first top-up should always be done with Bancontact for verification. From the 2nd time, this can also be done via credit card, Paypal or Paysafe!

About Ariya

Our network, our family and friends, they are situated worldwide today. At Ariya, we want you to stay in touch and keep those ties close. We do this by making international calls as easy and economical as possible. With our products, we want to connect people, connect and make this accessible to everyone.

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