Claim your free credits and make international calling even more affordable!

Want to make an international call without it costing a penny? Ariya makes it possible! Play, win free credits and make international calling ridiculously cheap!

Here’s how you can win free credits!

Tips om goedkoop naar het buitenland te bellen

Bring a friend and earn credits!

Want to make free international phone calls by introducing your friends to Ariya? These 3 simple steps make it possible!

Provide your friends with a code

Select your link in the app, copy the code and forward it to your friends. 

Your friends pay

Guess what? When your friends buy credit through their app by using the forwarded link, they earn free credits for amazing calls!

Your friends pay

The good news? If your friends buy credits using your code, you can earn free credits! How awesome it would be!?

Ariya: een geweldig alternatief voor WhatsApp

Earning credits by playing games? Yep – that’s also Ariya!

Play games to gain credits? You can win more than 10 credits for a day!


The Ariya app is filled with fantastic games. It’s not only a fun pastime, but also the ideal way to win free credits. Play games, earn credits and call abroad for free. Calling abroad has never been this fun and affordable!

An app packed with games and more fun

The Ariya free call app isn’t only about affordable international calling – it’s also about dozens of fun games, consulting rates instantly and earning credits. There are loads of credits to be earned every day. Play, earn and call abroad for free.  

Play, earn and call for free!

Bring-a-friend and earn credits!

Want to call for free? Introduce your friends to our app and claim your credits!

Did you know that you can also top up your friends’ calling credit if they don’t have a credit card or PayPal? Handy!

The first charge should always be done through bancontact.