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Call at a Local Rate

International calling at a low call rates? That’s exactly what Ariya app free call and text stands for! Thanks to our callback option, you can make affordable calls whenever you want. Kiss those expensive phone bills and annoying dropouts goodbye! Our app allows you to make low-rate calls freely, without having to proceed any complicated steps. Simply dial the number of your contact, hang up, have the app call you back and boom: you’re on the phone with your loved one on the other side of the world! Oh – and did we mentioned the low rates!?


Telephone Networks of Quality

Though nowadays you can make phone calls through WhatsApp or Facebook, the connection is often poor. With Ariya app free call and text, we say no to those annoying dropouts! Because we use telephone networks of international telecom providers, we guarantee a stable, crystal-clear connection. You won’t have to miss a single word, while your wallet will be happy. If that isn’t killing two birds with one stone…


A variety of Interesting Packages

At Ariya, we maintain excellent relationships with international telecom providers. As a result, we purchase calling minutes at a very affordable rate. We bundle these in very appealing packages per country. Choose your country, buy your bundle and save money while calling your loved ones. Calling worldwide has never been this cheap! That’s not all: the Ariya app has even more tools to offer, such as clear insights as to how much your conversation will cost, a variety of games, etc. In addition, the app will continuously be updated, meaning there’ll be lots more for you to explore in the future!

Switch to Ariya Free Call App

Ready to make cheap, high-quality phone calls worldwide? Download our app and you’re ready to rumble! It’s easy and free from any type of obligatory subscription costs. With Ariya, the choice is yours!{:}