Those who’ve made international phone calls before, know how high phone bills can usually climb. How do you avoid such unwanted surprises? Find out more through our clever tips and tricks below!


The truth behind roaming charges


Since recently, you get to make affordable phone calls within the 28 countries of the European Union. This means that it’s free from roaming costs and you only pay a local rate. However, calling overseas is a very different (and pricier) story. To avoid unpleasant costs, it’s important to always be informed about the applicable rates. Working with Ariya, your international calls won’t only be affordable; the app will also provide you with your exact rates. Amen to transparency!


Choose a custom package


Calling internationally using your general provider will usually cost you an arm and a leg. If you choose to stick with your traditional telecom provider, be sure to choose an adjusted rate plan. Very often you can be provided with a package that’ll make it slightly cheaper. However, if you wish to go for the most affordable option, you should choose Ariya. This includes the quality of a traditional connection, but at a much cheaper cost. Feel free to compare our rates to that of colleagues. Ariya for the win! 


Track your usage


Tracking your usage is essential. Before you know it, you’re stuck with a very steep phone bill. Most telecom providers offer you an app where you can track your usage. Does it go without saying that this is also possible in the Ariya app? We provide you with a complete overview of your usage, your remaining minutes and exact costs. Ideal to keep it low budget, despite the high-quality calls. 


Go for cheap international calls


Are you ready to make international calling affordable and easy? Then choose Ariya’s callback app. Besides, we have very interesting packages to offer whereby you can save even more money! Have family or loved ones abroad? Then it’s a no-brainer! And in case you’re still hesitant: we use telephone networks of international telecom providers so we can guarantee crystal-clear connections. Who knew high quality could be this cheap?