At Ariya Mobile we have 2 interesting formulas to offer. Silver or Gold? Choose the package that suits you best and make affordable phone calls worldwide. 


Why choose Ariya Silver?


With Ariya Silver, you get the following benefits:


You get to enjoy the cheapest calling rates available on the market. 

The calling rates are at least 40% cheaper in comparison to those of colleagues. 

You’re free from any starting rates. 

The ringer quality is excellent and the calling connections are crystal-clear. 

However, the caller ID is not provided.


In short: if you want the cheapest calling rate available on the market, then Ariya Silver is the right choice. 


Why choose Ariya Gold?


Pick Ariya Gold for the following reasons:


The calling quality is similar to that of known telecom providers ‘Proximus’ and ‘Base’.  

Caller ID is provided. 

You have a 100% guarantee your call will go through. 


Choose your package today and start calling!